Walk In Clinic Tampa

Here at Doctors Express in Tampa Bay we provide walk in clinic medical services to the public. A walk in clinic is a medical facility that offers treatment for a broad range of different medical problems. When you visit our Tampa walk in clinic you’ll see that our urgent medical facility is much different than your standard doctor’s office or hospital. Here at Doctors Express in Tampa Bay, once you walk in you’ll be treated right away by licensed medical professionals. You never need an appointment, and you won’t spend long hours in the waiting room - a common occurrence at the hospital. Our walk in clinic in Tampa can treat anyone from the age of six months and older so you can use the clinic for your entire families medical needs.

When many people hear of a walk in clinic, they simply think of a place where you go for standard medical treatment. However, Doctors Express Tampa walk in clinic provides much more than your standard medical treatments. If you need to get your child vaccinated, or need vaccines before travelling outside of the country, you can get these done immediately by visiting our walk in clinic in Tampa, Florida. Our physicians deal with everything from broken bones, to providing small simple surgeries right in the clinic. You can use a walk in clinic for any type of medical need that is not life threatening.

Tampa Walk In Clinics Provide Urgent Care Quickly

No one wants to wait around for medical treatment when they need it. This wait can leave you in pain, or can simply become an unwanted inconvenience. Using our walk in clinic in Tampa Bay will change the way you view a medical treatment center. We have everything you need right here within our clinic. If you’re in need of a prescription, you can get it by visiting our clinic and seeing one of our licensed physicians. Even if you need a refill on a prescription, but cannot get in contact with the prescribing physician, bring your script to our office and we can fill it for you. Our clinic offers blood work testing, STD testing and even has digital x-ray services available. When we say that we provide any treatment for your non-life-threatening medical needs, we mean it. Our urgent care clinic also provides immigration physicals. We are here to serve you and make life more convenient in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Using a Tampa walk in clinic has become a very common and popular approach to medical needs. It eliminates the hassle associated associated with current medical treatment, and allows you to get immediate treatment. You may not fully understand the convenience of a walk in clinic until you come in and see for yourself the difference that Doctors Express Tampa has to offer for you. We accept virtually any type of medical insurance, and offer reasonable pricing to those who do not have medical insurance. Surveys done on walk in clinics, compared to the ER and regular physician offices, show that walk in clinics provided the same type of medical treatment for less than half of the cost. There is no reason to avoid having your medical needs met. Even if you don’t have an immediate medical need, you can use our walk in clinic in Tampa Bay for preventive measures such as; physical exams and health screenings.

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